Lab 1 -  Work through chapters 1 & 2 in the UNIX text.  Read and work through the tutorial on the vi editor in both the text and the UNIX help pages:


Use the vi editor to write a C++ program that mimics the UNIX man command.  The program uses argc and argv to read a word from the UNIX shell command line.  The use of argc and argv can be found in most C++ texts.  The "word" can be any of the following UNIX commands:  ls   man   vi   mkdir   cd    cat    pwd      rm    rmdir     passwd.  How to compile and run C/C++ programs in unix can be found on the UNIX help pages. 


The program will output an explanation of the UNIX command.


For example, if the program is called manual.cpp, then the command:


$ manual cd


will print:


cd     UNIX command that changes to root directory.   When specified with a directory name cd changes to directory name.   cd ..   changes to the parent directory.


Lab 2 -  Read chapter 3 in UNIX text.  Read UNIX help pages and chapter 2 on file permissions.  Do Exercise at end of chapter 3  #1,2, and 4