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CSC 332



REQUIRED TEXT: Operating System Concepts, Sixth Edition, Silberschta, Galvin, Gagne ISBN 0-471-25060-0

UNIX for Programmers and Users, Graham Glass, King Ables, Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-681685-1


PROCEDURES: This course meets for 2 hours per week: two hours of lecture. Lab concepts and practical exercises will be done as independent study. Attendance is expected for all class hours. Outside of class hours, you may do your lab work on any UNIX or LINUX based computer. You may also telnet into the school UNIX system. UNIX accounts will be given to you by our UNIX administrator, Mike Ziselman.


GRADING: The Grade in this course will be based on homework, midterm exam, final exam, and programming assignments.


Programming assignments:


Midterm Exam




Final Exam





Homework assignments will be assigned during class and available on the class website. Homework will be collected and graded. You will be allowed to do your homework in groups of up to three students. All students in a group will receive the same grade.


Because of limited class time I can only assign a representative set of homework problems. It is highly recommended that you understand all the problems in the back each chapter and on the text's student web page.


Links to all lab assignments, homework assignments and lecture handouts will all be available on the class website. The URL for the class website is:




Course Schedule - subject to change

UNIX Independent Study

Week 1 Chp 1- OS Background and History

Chapter 1 Unix text Lab 1

Week 2 Chp 2 - Compuer System Structures


Week 3 Chp 3 - OS Structures

Chapter 2 Unix text Lab 2

Week 4 Chp 4 - Processes


Week 5 Chp 5 - Threads

Chapter 4 Unix text Lab3

Week 6 Chp 6 - CPU Scheduling


Week 7 Catch-up


Week 8 - Midterm March 18


Week 9 Chp 7 Process Synchronization

LINUX/UNIX debugger Lab4

Week 10 Chp 8 Deadlocks


Week 11 Chp 9 Memory Management

Chapter 3 - UNIX untilities Lab 5

Week 12 Chp 10 Virtual memory


Week 13 - Catch-up

Lab 6

Week 14 - Chp 11, 12 File Systems


Week 15 - Final Exam May 20