The Interactive History of AI Wiki

As a new student to the topic of Artificial Intelligence, it is important to know who and what was contributed to the field of AI as we know it today.  In essence we need to know its history.  The contributions of AI researchers in the past paved the way for our current approaches to the topic.  In order to immerse ourselves into the rich history of AI, we, as a class, will create an interactive wiki that explains and illustrates this history.  As you can see below, I have broken the timeline of AI history into several spans of time.   You will organize yourselves into six groups.  Each group will be responsible for describing the significant events of AI during that time.  Be creative.  You may include pictures, links to web sites, and videos to illustrate your era.  Each group will be graded on the quality of the work submitted.  Use the article, A Brief History of AI as your template as to what is important to include in your Wiki page.   Chapter 1 in your text also has a nice overview of the history of AI

In addition to the main era's listed below, there is a "What's new and cool" section.  Each of you is required to post add an item about an event, program, robot, machine, etc.,  that is current and in some way is related to AI.  You must describe your object and state how it is related to AI and how it contributes to the field.  Again be creative.  Use pictures, videos, web links, etc.  


Give proper references for your sources.

The wiki can be found at


Wiki topics

Ancient History  (5th century BC - 19th century)

1900- 1960

1961 - 1970


1981 - 1995

1995 - present

What's new and cool - Everybody needs to make an addition to this page.  Put your name and then list your new and cool -


Professor Imberman:

Part II - As a group, create 5 short answer questions on the content in your WIKI page. I would like everyone to read your page.  Therefore, I will collate all these and they will become an additional HW assignment for this project.