The local pet store has 35 different bowls with fish in them arranged in a circle in the "fish room".  The first six have goldfish, the next seven have guppies, the next nine have angel

fish, the next eight have goldfish, and the last five hold tiger fish.  As the bowls vary in size, the number of fish that are in each bowl at the start of the day also varies.  The count of fish in each bowl are as follows:


            bowls  1 -  3:    15 fish

            bowls  4 -  7:    8 fish

            bowl        8:    19 fish

            bowls  9 - 12:    16 fish

            bowls 13 - 22:    14 fish

            bowls 23 - 24:    31 fish

            bowls 25 - 29:    9 fish

            bowls 30 - 33:    26 fish

            bowls 34 - 35:    8 fish


A trained seal finds its way into the store.  The seal begins to eat fish in the following manner.


a.    It walks over to bowl 1.

b.    It counts four bowls and then eats a fish (the first fish it eats comes from bowl 4 and it is a goldfish).

c.    It again counts to four, and eats a fish (the second fish it eats comes from bowl 8 and is a guppy).


The conditions that control the seal are:


a.    If there are no fish left in a bowl, the seal does not count the bowl and skips it and goes to the next bowl containing a fish. 

b.    The bowls are arranged in a circle, there is no last bowl, after the seal eats at bowl 35 it counts over 4 bowls and finds itself at bowl 4.  (Bowl 3 is four bowls away from bowl 34, etc.)

c.    The seal continues to eat until 361 fish are consumed.


You are to write a C++ program that will calculate and report the following (write to an output file):


1.    The number and type of fish in each bowl before the seal begins eating. 

2.    The total number of each type of fish before the seal begins to eat.

3.    The number and type of fish left in each bowl after the seal eats.

4.    The total number of each type of fish remaining after the seal eats.