CSC 126 - Official Departmental Syllabus

                                                            COURSE PROCEDURES AND INFORMATION


REQUIRED TEXT:             C++ Programming: From Problem Analysis To Program Design Sixth Edition

                                                D. S. Malik, Course Technologies, ISBN-10: 1133626386    ISBN-13: 9781133626381   (But editions 4 and 5 are acceptable)


PROCEDURES: This course meets for 6 hours per week: three hours of lecture, two hours of lab and 1 hour recitation.  Attendance is expected for all class hours.  Outside of class hours, you may do your lab work on any IBM compatible computer that has the proper software


GRADING: The Grade in this course will be based on quizzes, a final exam, two in class exams and programming assignments.  Homework and class participation will also be a factor. 


Programming assignments and


2 Exams


Final Exam







FINAL EXAM - It is departmental policy that any student who fails the final exam, can get a final course grade, no higher than a D.


There will be approximately 4  quizzes. Quizzes will follow what was taught during the lecture session.    


All students are expected to do the homework .Homework will be assignments available on our Blackboard web site.  Quizzes and exams will be based on lecture, homework and lab assignments. 


Because of limited class time only a representative set of homework problems can be assigned.  It is highly recommended that you do all the problems in the back of each chapter.  Students who have done this in the past, have done well in the course.


Link to CUNY policy on Academic Integrity Policy


FYI - Copying someone else’s computer code, even though you changed the variable names, is called plagiarism and cheating.  All cheating is rewarded with a 0 on the assignment whether you are the copyer or the copyee.


Cheating on an exam or quiz will result in a zero.  No cell phones during exams.  All books, phone, etc will be placed at the front of the classroom.


Tentative Term Schedule - (subject to slight modifications)

Week 1  An Overview of Computers and Programming Languages, Chapter 1

                Know all bold-faced terms.  Some subset of these will appear on the first quiz, first exam, and the final exam.

                Chapter 2 – Basic Elements of C++

Week 2   Finish Chapter 2, Chapter 3 Input/Output

Week 3   Chapter 3 Input/Output Chapter 4 - Selection Structures

Week 4   Chapter 4 - Selection Structures

Week 5   Chapter 3 file Input/Output 

Week 6   Chapter 5 - Repetition Structures

Week 7   Finish Chapter 5 - Repetition Structures (Maybe Exam I)

Week 8   Exam I

Week 9   Chapter 6 - Functions

Week 10   Chapters 7 Functions

Week 11   Strings & Arrays Chapter 8, Chapter 9

Week 12   Chapter 9 Finish Strings and Arrays, Two Dimensional Arrays,

                Array Applications – Chapter 10 Searching Sorting  (Linear and Binary search, Selection and Exchange Sort

Week 13   Exam II

Week 14   Finish Searching and Sorting, Final Exam Review,, simple GUI

Week 15   Final Exam