ALL Labs are graded on a scale of 0 - 10, with 10 as the highest grade.Long lab assignments are due 2 weeks after they are assigned.Labs handed in the third week will have 5 points taken off.NO long term lab will be accepted after week three.


Short Lab assignments will be given in class and due the day they are assigned.No makeup assignments will be given.††


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Rubric for Grading Labs


Point Value



1. Program Structure

a.       Is the code readable, i.e. properly indented, lines skipped, etc.

b.      Skip a line after declarations

c.       Indent code inside curly brackets

d.      Put spaces between logical sections of code

e.       Variable declarations are at beginning of a function/method

f.       Long program lines donít wrap outside of indented margins

g.      Descriptive identifier names



a.       Methods and Functions have pre and post conditions

b.      Comments appropriately describes code

c.       Comments that describe blocks of code appear above that block of code

d.      Comments that describe a single line of code are placed next to that line of code.If there isnít room, the comment is placed above the line of code.

e.       ****Comments donít wrap outside of indented margins

f.       Comments are grammatically correct (Yes spelling counts!!!)

g.      Doxygen style comments are used where appropriate


4. Program logic:

a.       Is the program run with inputs that test for errors and logical correctness?

b.      Does the program work and give the correct output for all possible logical paths?

c.       Program follows good structured organization

1.      No break statements within loops or functions

2.      No goto statements

3.      No global variables.All variables are passed to functions and methods.


5. Is the output well organized and easy to understand by the user?


6. Program code:

a.       Program code is correctly written

b.      No redundant code.

c.       Does the code FULLY answer the problem?

d.      Uses all declared variables.

e.       Code should be efficient, uses memory efficiently


Visual Studio software is available at CSI Library.Students are allowed:

1) To borrow the software for (3) three days

2) Penalty thereafter is $ 20.00 per day(late fee)

3) Students can install the software on their home computers.Duplication of software disks is prohibited!!!!Illegal duplication can jeopardize future availability of free MS software distribution to students.


The Visual Studio software is also available as a download.For details on how to download software see:




Microsoft offers free Visual Studio Express 2008 :

Storing your files on CSI storage area:SEE CSI STORAGE INFO

More cool info on the CSI help desk Web Page:


Date Due



Life Lab

In addition to the examples given, research on the internet for another Life pattern to test your code on

Link to moving stars program is HERE

Link to neighbor count code


Pair Programming - Attendance is Mandatory


I've Got A Little List Lab


I've Got A Little List TOO


Parking Garage


Extra Credit 1 - Modify the list class as follows:

a) make the list class implementation a circular doubly linked list.

b) Add two display methods to the class.The first prints the list front to back, the second prints back to front.

c) Write an appropriate driver to test all methods of your class