Initialization of the Robot and Robot C

  The robot’s power should be OFF
2. Connect the robot to the usb port on the computer.

3. Login to Windows

4. Wait until Windows is ready
5. Power ON (press the orange button) the robot

a. "Found New Hardware" (bottom right icon) is displayed and

b. “Ready To Use” is displayed (bottom right icon)

c. If a message is displayed requesting the Admin account:

            please wait and inform the Instructor.
7. Start the ROBOTC for MINDSTORMS
2.02 program.
8. In the Robot C  Menu
   a.  Select Robot
   b. Select Download Firmware
9. select Refresh Lists
10. Select the NXT Brick Listed (in the NXT  Address window)
11. Select F/W Download
12.  Select the displayed NXT file
13. Select Open
14. Wait for Download Firmware to Complete
15. Close
16. File menu
17. Open Sample Program
18. Select the LCD Examples Folder
19. Select the Hello World program
20. in the Robot C Menu
       a. Select Compile and Download
21. Select START
22. Look at the Robot LCD ---
               "Hello World" should be displayed