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Homework Project


Much computer science research involves simulating a real system or algorithm.   The simulation is used to make predictions on the behavior of these under certain conditions. 


Do lab pages 283 - 289 from Operating Systems by Gary Nutt as given out in class.  The lab outlined in these pages requires you to simulate a Round Robin process scheduling algorithm.   Program and run your simulation using the parameter inputs, as described in the  text.      Use graphing software such as Microsoft Excel, Star Office, Mat lab, etc., to visualize your results.  Create the graphs described in the lab exercise, along with any other graphs you think would help substantiate your conclusions.


Computer researchers "tell the world" about their results in a research paper.  A research paper has a definite format.   We will discuss this in class.  You are to write a research paper describing your experiment.   Hand in your source code your research paper.


Project is worth 20 points (i.e. 4X a standard homework project)