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M.S. Program

Degree Requirements | Tuition

The program is designed to provide advanced education in this rapidly evolving and challenging discipline. It serves those students who wish to increase their professional competence for business, industry, and research and development laboratories, as well as those students who wish to enter careers in research and teaching. Students may continue in doctoral programs in computer science including the City University program in which CSI participates.(Ph.D.)

All students are required to take 10 graduate courses (30 credits). These include three foundation courses, and seven additional Computer Science graduate courses. The three foundation courses cover theoretical computer science, advanced operating systems, computer architecture/parallel programming. Courses to meet the remaining requirements are chosen in consultation with a graduate program adviser to create a program that meets the needs of the individual student.

Any other registered CSI graduate course in computer science shall be counted as an elective for the purposes of fulfilling the MS in Computer Science degree requirements, with the following exceptions: those courses specifically identified as computing for teachers or other computer science teacher education courses or those courses identified as graduate proficiency courses.

Admission Requirements

1. A Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science or related area with a B average (3.0 out of 4.0) overall and in the major.
2. Resume or CV
3. Demonstrable knowledge of:
  •     High-Level Programming Language(s), Data Structures, Software Design, Operating Systems
  •     Digital Design, Computer Architecture
  •     Discrete Mathematics, Calculus
  •     Probability or Linear Algebra
  • Students who satisfy the requirements listed above will be admitted as matriculated graduate students.

    Students transferring from other related majors will be permitted to remedy undergraduate course deficiencies as follows: students missing any of the listed subject(s) must take the corresponding undergraduate courses or take a challenge exam. No more than nine graduate credits may be completed before deficiencies have been remedied. Undergraduate courses taken to remove deficiencies must be in addition to the regular coursework for the MS degree.

    Degree Requirements

    A program of 10 courses (30 credits) with at least a 3.0 (B) average.

    The following core courses are required for all students:
    CSC 716 Advanced Operating Systems
    CSC 727 Algorithms and Information Structures
    CSC 740
    CSC 770
    Computer Systems Design

    Parallel Computing
    CSC 759
    CSC 799
    Graduate Research Laboratory

    Thesis Research

    The remaining six courses will be chosen from any of courses listed in the graduate catalog except CSC 602, CSC 702, CSC 702, and CSC 704. Click here for a complete list of graduate courses.

    Exceptional students may be permitted to satisfy six credits of the total credit requirement with a master's thesis. For specialization one must take two courses from one area and complete a master’s thesis or project.


    Please speak to your advisor if one of these specializations interests you so you can plan to take the corresponding courses!

    Specialization Areas

    Certain specialization areas within computer science are well represented by the department faculty research interests. Students interested in specializing in an area specified below are advised to select courses from the courses listed in that area. For additional CUNY Graduate Center courses in a specialization area, consult the graduate program coordinator.

    Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics
    CSC 706 Computer Graphics
    CSC 725 Computer Vision
    CSC 731 Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering
    CSC 732 Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition
    CSC 733 Natural Language Processing
    CSC 735 Machine Learning and Data Mining
    CSC 741 Digital Image Processing
    CSC 747 Digital Signal Processing
    CSC 767 Neural Networks and Deep Learning
    CSC 769 Graph-Based Analysis for Big Data in Social Networks
    Cloud Computing and Software Engineering
    CSC 710 Software Engineering
    CSC 712 Compiler Construction
    CSC 713 Advanced Systems Programming
    CSC 714 Software Systems Analysis and Design
    CSC 715 Data Base Theory
    CSC 744 Computer Performance Evaluation
    CSC 750 Computer-Aided Analysis and Design
    CSC 752 Management Information Systems
    CSC 754 Topics in System Simulation
    CSC 770 Parallel Computing
    Cybersecurity and Networks
    CSC 742 Advanced Microcomputer Systems Design
    CSC 747 Digital Signal Processing
    CSC 748 Quantitative Analysis of Computer Architecture
    CSC 756 Network Security
    CSC 757 Communication Networks
    CSC 760 High Speed LAN and WAN
    CSC 762 Fundamentals of Wireless Communications
    CSC 764 Intelligent Networks
    CSC 768 Cryptography

    Computer Science Graduate Course Double-Counting Policy

    Open PDF Flyer

    Undergraduate students majoring in Computer Science or CS/Mathematics and satisfying the following criteria may be granted permission to take up to three graduate courses at undergraduate tuition to be counted towards their bachelor’s degree. These courses may be used only to substitute for 400 level Computer Science elective courses (CSC designation). These graduate courses will be double-counted toward their master’s degree. This allows students to earn both the bachelor’s and the master’s degrees in five years.


    1. Current enrollment in bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Science / Mathematics at CSI and successful completion of three years of study with 90 or more earned credits.

    2. Cumulative GPA 3.3 or above.

    3. Two letters of recommendation, at least one from a fulltime CSI Computer Science faculty under whom the applicant has studied.

    4. Permissions from the course instructor, the coordinator of the graduate program, and the department chairperson.

    5. Application for admission and conditional acceptance to the Computer Science graduate program.

    6. All graduate elective courses can be taken as double-counting courses, except the required core courses: CSC 716, CSC 727, CSC 740 and CSC 770.

    Ph.D. Program

    The College participates in the CUNY Graduate School and University Center's Ph.D. program in Computer Science. Students wishing to specialize in the areas of artificial intelligence and data mining, multimedia and image processing, software engineering, management information systems, networks, telecommunication, or related areas may do much of their coursework and research at the College of Staten Island. Students are admitted to the program by the Graduate School and University Center 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016, 212.817.7470; email:; , and are advised to contact the CSI Computer Science department.

    Ph.D. Admissions

    Graduate Center Ph.D. Program in Computer Science

    The Graduate Center
    365 Fifth Avenue, Room 4319
    New York, NY 10016
    Phone: (212) 817-8190
    Fax: (212) 817-1510