Recent Research on COVID-19

Prof. Sos Agaian is working with a team of researchers from Algeria and Thailandon fighting against the COVID 19.

Automatic COVID-19 lung infected region segmentation and measurement using CT-scans images.

Project instruction video

Prof. Louis Petingi is currently working with a team of researchers from NYU lead by Tamar Schlick on the COVID 19. He is exploring COVID-19 RNA structure using graph theory.

Project introduction slides

    Faculty Research

Prof. Sos Agaian

Computational Vision and Machine Learning, Big and Small Data Analytics, Multimodal Biometric and Digital Forensics, Information Processing and Fusion. Applications in Healthcare, Biomedical Data Mining, Object Recognition, Finance, Signal Processing, Computer-Aided Food Quality Inspection, 3D Imaging Sensors, Computational Photography, Multimedia Security,etc.

Prof. Feng Gu

Modeling and Simulation, Complex System, High Performance Computing, Bioinformatics

Prof. Yumei Huo

Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Sequence and Scheduling, Computation and Complexity, Combinatorial Optimization, Operations Research, Computer Architecture, Pattern Recognition

Prof. Anatoliy Gordonov

Real-Time Networks, Graph Theory and Network Structure Optimization, Real Time Control Systems, Formal Languages and LR(k) Syntactic Analyzers, Hybrid Analog/Digital High Speed Video Networks

Prof. Louis Petingi

Network Reliability, Extremal Graph Theory

Prof. Natacha Gueorgieva

Pattern Recognition and Clustering, Neural Networks, Brain Modeling and Simulations, Neural Network Topologies Based on Potential Function Generators, Spiking Neurons and Self-Organizing Maps, Support Vector Machines, ECG Arrhythmias Simulations and Classification

Prof. Susan Imberman

Data Mining, Robotics, Machine Learning

Prof. Deborah Sturm

Medical Image Processing, Visualization, Root Cause Analysis of Errors, Game Development

Prof. Sarah Zelikovitz

Semi-Supervised Machine Learning, Text Classification/Categorization, Information Retrieval

Prof. Shuqun Zhang

Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Digital Holography, Optical Computing and Information Processing

Prof. Xiaowen Zhang

Information Security, Cryptography, Quantum Computing, Wireless Communications and Applications, In particular, Cipher Designs and Implementation, Crypto Analysis, Network Security, Spread-Spectrum, Communication, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Security and Privacy Issues

Prof. Zhanyang Zhang

Database Theory and Business Intelligent, Mobile Database/Mobile Computing, RFID and Its applications, Wireless Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks, Wireless Communication Networks and Security, Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

  Student Research