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Lecture 1 KDD Beginnings


Lecture 2 - Why do Statisticians "hate" us?!


Lecture 3 - Apriori


Lecture 4 - Student Presentations†† Anyone who presents and wishes me to link toor display their presentation, let me know.


Lecture 5 - Incremental Association Rules


Lecture 6 - Incremental Association Rules - UWEP/NUWEP


Lecture 7 - Student Presentations



Your second presentation will be on an application of association rules.The application can deal with general association rules or one of the more "special" types we have discussed this semester such as incremental, temporal, constraints, quantitative, etc.Each person will have 10 minutes to present.†† You may use the KDD conference industrial track, IEEE International conference for Data Mining (ICDM ), or for possible topics.Any applications that you have worked on are welcome too, as long as we donít violate any proprietary contracts.Have fun J .





Christian Borgelt's version of Apriori





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