Doctoral Students

  1. Xue Jiang, first level Ph.D. student, started in Fall 2018.
  2. Mehmet Bicer, expected to graduate in early 2020. Dissertation: New approaches for frequent and incremental frequent pattern mining.
  3. Grace Zhao, Graduated in May 2018. Dissertation: Domain-specific knowledge exploration with ontology hierarchical re-ranking and adaptive learning and extension.
  4. Matthew Chan, Graduated in May 2013. Dissertation: Passive indoor leveled RFID localization algorithms.
  5. Chi Sing Chum, Graduated in October 2010. Dissertation: Hash functions, Latin squares and secret sharing schemes.

Master's Students

  1. Umer Sharif, Blockchain: Its future impact on wireless charging of electric vehicles. F19.
  2. Bernard Spencer, Iris and vein scanning for improved security authentication. S19.
  3. Tebin M. Raout, WebChecker: An Epsilon validation language plugin. F18.
  4. Christopher McMahon, Modern network security practices: utilizing rainbow tables for good. S18 & F18.
  5. Minh Doan, Wireless sensor network Zigbee node's data collection and analysis. S18 & F18.
  6. Pradeep Adluru and Srikari Sindhoori Datla, Hadoop eco system for big data security and privacy. S15.
  7. Pradeep Adluru and Srikari Sindhoori Datla, Search over encrypted databases. S15.
  8. Changha Jun, Implementing a new hash function construction. Su-13.
  9. Jigarkumar Zala, One time password scheme for mobile devices. S13.

Undergraduate Students

  1. Mark Vitebskyy, RFID applications in ski resort tickets. F19.
  2. Matthew Henschke, Capstone project: Wireless sensor network with Zigbee. F19.
  3. Sean Connor, Capstone project: Bloom filters in cloud security. F19.
  4. Matthew Henschke, Bloom filter based multi-user authentication schemes in wireless sensor networks. S19.
  5. Sean Connor, Investigating differences between sets of remote hosts. S19.
  6. Leslie Inahuazo (NSF REU Participant from Southern Connecticut State University), Parallel implementation of DES encryption algorithm using MPI. REU Extension. Su-18.
  7. Kailie Yuan, Capstone project: Bloom filter implementation and their applications in cybersecurity. S18.
  8. Samantha Morris (NSF REU Participant from University of Central Florida) and Brian Weber (NSF REU Participant from University of Maryland at Baltimore County), Parallel hash collision search by rho method with distinguished points. Su-17.
  9. Melisa Cantu (NSF REU Participant from Texas State University - San Marcos) and Joon Kim (NSF REU Participant from CUNY - College of Staten Island), Finding hash collisions using MPI on HPC clusters. Su-16.
  10. Vincent Chiriaco (NSF REU Participant from University of North Alabama), Aubrey Franzen (NSF REU Participant from Northern Kentucky University), and Rebecca Thayil (NSF REU Participant from Bryn Mawr College), Finding partial hash collisions by brute force parallel programming. Su-15.
  11. Sidhartha Mishra, Capstone project: RFID authentication protocols and simulations. S17.
  12. Hassan Elsherbini, Location privacy for database security. Su-15 & Su-16.
  13. Sidhartha Mishra, RFID applications and their implications on privacy and security. S15.
  14. Anh Le, Passive RFID mutual authentication schemes. F12.
  15. Ahmed Hassan, Implementing the secure e-voting system. F12.
  16. Ahmed Hassan, Secure e-voting system infrastructure. Su-12.
  17. Anh Le, RFID localization experiments, worked with Matthew Chan. S12.
  18. Esia Yosupov and Pradip Karki, QR code assisted one-time password mutual authentication scheme. S12.
  19. Ahmed Hassan, Designing a file system with secure deletion. S12.
  20. Ahmed Hassan, Bypassing web-based wireless authentication systems, STEAM sponsored research. F10.
  21. Philip Koshy and Justin Valentin, Implementation and performance testing of the SQUASH RFID authentication protocol. S09.