CSC 126 Spring 2020

Professor: Dr. Sarah Zelikovitz
Office: 1N 212
Phone: (718) 982-2849
Office hours: Tuesday 8:45-9:45, Tuesday 1:15-2:15, Thursday 12:15-1:15 and by appointment
Send email anytime; I usually respond promptly. Please put your name and the course name in the subject of the email, so that it is not put into my spam box.
Week Of Link
1/28 Syllabus
1/28 VS 2013-2017
1/28 In CS labs: Using VS 2017
1/28 Math Operations
2/4 Chapter 2 Review

2/13 If Statements Review

2/20 Calculator

2/18 Quadrants
3/10 Loop Handout
3/10Fibonacci Sequence

3/19 Guessing Game

3/19 While loop examples
3/24 Value Returning Functions
Dice Example
5/7 Percentage of Vowels
Void Functions
5/7 Array review
5/14 Binary Search Example

On-line Homework
Link to CODELAB Directions for CODELAB
Labs (In-Class and Homework) (Submit in BlackBoard and Due Dates on BB)
Assignment Number Link to Lab Assignment
In Class 1 In-Class cout statements
In Class 2 In-Class variables cin/cout
Homework Lab 1 Input/Output and Variables
In Class 3 In-Class 3
Homework Lab 2 If/If Else/Switch
In Class 4 See BlackBoard site under 'Submit labs here'
Homework Lab 3 Loops
Homework Lab 4 Loops Continued
In Class 5 In Class E
In Class Lab 6 In-Class F
Robot Lab! Using Robots!
Homework Lab 5 Functions
Homework Lab 6 More Functions
In Class 7 In Class G :Arrays
Homework Lab 7 Arrays, Files

Exam Dates and Information
Date Topics
Quiz 1
Sample Quiz 1
Another Quiz 1 Sample with Answers
Quiz 2
Sample Quiz 2
Another Quiz 2 Sample with Answers
Quiz 3
Quiz on Loops
Quiz 3
Exam 1
Change of Date due to ONLINE class!
Exam 1 Sample 1
Exam 1 Sample 1 pdf version
Exam 1 Sample 2
Exam 1 Fall 2017
Exam 1 Fall 2017 ANSWERS
Quiz 4
on BB
Functions and Files Sample Quiz on Functions
Another function quiz
Quiz 5
on BB
More functions Sample
Another Sample
Expanded function quiz
Exam 2
May 5 Meet at 10:10AM on BB Collaborate
Exam 2 Sample
Spring 2007 Exam 2 with Answers
Final Exam Thursday May 21st(Meet at 9:05AM, class time, on BB Ultra Collaborate) Spring 2012 Final
Sample 2018 Final
Final Program Answer
Fall 2008 Final